The web shopping cart/autoresponder service I use is:
Web Marketing Magic ( private label); below is my affiliate link. I get a little money if you decide to use it. There is a $3.95 month-long trial available. They provide tutorials to learn to set it up and use it. It is very comprehensive, providing an integrated system for autoresponders, shopping cart, newsletter and digital product storage sales and fulfillment.

Audio transcription service I recommend. They are based in the Phillipines and can transcribe an hour of audio for about $25 USD within a few days. They'll send it to you as a Word file:

Edirol R-09 Digital Recorder
I love this little digital recorder. It has great sound and features one-touch recording (easy to use for even non-techies and technopeasants). After recording, you just plug it into your computer and drag the digital audio file (.wav or .MP3) to your desktop. From there you can edit it or put it on a website or turn it into a digital, downloadable audio product or file. I recommend you get a 2GB digital storage card with it, as the one they give you is only 64MB and fills quickly. Click the link below.
Buy Edirol R-09 recorder at

Zoom H2 Digital recorder
Similar to the above but a little less expensive. I haven't used it but it looks great. Get the H4, with extra bells and whistles, if it looks more like what you need. Click the link below.
Buy Zoom H2 digital recorder at

Great teleseminar service; no cost; you can even record the call for no cost and let people hear it later or download it for your own use as a product, bonus or get it transcribed and turn it into an e-book.

Another shopping cart service:

Mac easy website design software: RapidWeaver
Buy it from

Windows easy website design software: Web Studio 4.0
Web Studio 4.0; free 30-day trial

Here's a simple autoresponder system called AWeber, one of the first and best of the autoresponder services: